10 minute meditation music

10-Minute Meditation Music

10-Minute Meditation Music Tracks To Beat Stress

These meditation music videos are great for use while meditating. Scroll down to learn how to use meditation music to get into a meditative state of mind.

How To Use Music While Meditating

There are different forms of meditation music you can use as a tool to de-stress, focus, and feel centered. Listening to music while meditating helps clear your mind and stay in the moment. Here’s how to get started.

Before you begin

Find a comfortable and relaxing space. Choose a quiet room or space where the temperature feels comfortable and there are few distractions. Get into a good posture (sitting or lying down), close your eyes, and relax your neck and shoulders.

Remove distractions. Get pressing things done before you begin so your mind won’t be thinking about them while meditating. Turn off radios, TVs, or other noisy distractions. Turn off cellphones or better yet leave them in another room. Close the door and let people know not to disturb you.

Use headphones. Using headphones makes it easier to focus, giving you the feeling the music is coming from inside your head. This will cut down on distractions and are particularly effective when listening to binaural beats.

Try to meditate for at least 10-minutes. The body reacts physically to music after 60-seconds but the mind takes a bit longer to focus and empty itself of thoughts. Each of the music videos above is around 10-minutes and can be used as a timer.

Warm up before meditating by stretching or doing yoga. Try stretching or doing some yoga exercises to get relaxed and put your yourself into the right state of mind. In addition, you can slowly open and close your jaw, slowly rotate your neck to the left and right, or massage your feet or hands for a few minutes.

Choosing And Using The Music To Meditate

Choosing the right music. Many people believe only certain kinds of music are used for meditating. That’s not entirely the case. In reality, you can use whatever kind of music you like. That being said, since meditation is meant to promote a state of mindfulness and being in the moment, there are certain things that will help achieve that.

Music without lyrics or very loud sounds helps the mind empty of thoughts. Pay particular attention to how the music makes you feel and what you think about while listening to it. The more the music helps you stay with the present moment the easier it will be for you.

Many people use Solfeggio frequencies while meditating because they are tuned to different chakras and the mind and body will entrain to those frequencies making it easier to meditate.

Use the music to center your thoughts. Focusing while meditating is a challenge at first. Using music gives yourself something to focus on other than your thoughts. Actually, being aware of your thoughts and feelings while actively listening to music is a form of mindfulness meditation in itself.

Pay attention to how the music makes you feel. Identify thoughts, feelings, and emotions while listening to the music, and each time your mind wanders gently bring your attention back to the music, how your body feels, and your breathing.

Focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale from your nose, using your belly rather than your chest, drawing in air and exhaling from your mouth. Feel your breath entering and exiting your nose, lungs, and mouth. If you can, find music that matches the tempo of your breathing and try to align your breath with the music.

Keep Practicing Meditating With Music

Don’t stress if you find it hard to focus at first. Meditation for beginners can be a challenge focusing on your thoughts and staying calm. It’s perfectly normal for your thoughts to pull you somewhere other than at the moment. If you’re having trouble staying focused don’t be hard on yourself. Just keep bringing your focus back to the music, your feelings, and your breathing. It tales practice but you can do it.

Find the type of meditation that works for you. Experiment with different kinds of meditation until you find what works for you. Some people like mindfulness meditation or repeating mantras or focusing on different Chakras. Others find it easier to just focus on their breathing. Once you know it will guide you to choosing the right meditation music.

Each time you meditate try different music. Switch it up and try some different kinds of music for each time you meditate. Sometimes listening to the sounds of nature like birds singing or a stream or waterfall can help. As long as it makes you focused, relaxed, and insightful you can listen to any kind of music while meditating.

Look for advice from a meditation guide. Most communities or schools offer meditation classes and their are plenty of books on the subject. The internet is loaded with podcasts and artists that teach you how to incorporate music into your meditation sessions. This website is loaded with meditation music videos tuned to Solfeggio Frequencies that can actually put you in a meditative state.

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