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HEART CHAKRA MEDITATION 639 Hz is used for balancing the energy center known as the Heart Chakra. This ancient frequency is used to attract Love, enhance communication, enable the creation of harmonious community and personal relationships, and heal damaged relationships.

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra located in the middle of your chest. It’s the energy that bridges spirituality with our earthly existence and fills our life with love, compassion, and beauty. The heart chakra transformations what we feel and brings it into the physical world.

The power of the heart chakra is its ability to heal and forgive through compassion and empathy. Its power of transformation and change is rooted in love for oneself and others. In addition, the heart chakra fosters transformation and change through its ability to reach peace in relationships by accepting with compassionate discernment and empathy what is. The focus of change is on oneself, not to change others.

When the heart chakra opens you feel a harmonious connection with everything around you appreciating things as they are, not as you wish them to be. On the other hand, when the heart chakra is blocked, you have a hard time relating to others, feel insecure or jealous, shut down or withdrawn.

639 Hz – Enables harmonious interpersonal relationships. Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance, and love. 639 Hz frequency can also be used for communication with parallel worlds or spiritual spheres.


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