396 HZ Root Chakra

396 Hz root chakra

396 HZ FREQUENCY LIBERATING GUILT AND FEAR 396 Hz frequency liberates your energy and has beneficial effects on feelings of guilt. It cleanses the feeling of guilt, which often represents one of the basic obstacles to realization, enabling achievement of goals in the most direct way. The energy center is often blocked by Fear, Stress, … Read more 396 HZ Root Chakra

285 Hz Root Chakra

285 Hz Root Chakra

285 HZ ROOT CHAKRA – 285 Hz solfeggio frequency is able to heal burns, fractures, sprains, cuts, and other injuries by sending a message to restructure damaged tissue and organs. It is also said to improve the immune system. What are the benefits of the 285 Hz solfeggio frequency? 285 Hz – This tone is … Read more 285 Hz Root Chakra


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